About the Station

The Station’s Board

The First Station combines culture, leisure and lifestyle, and is connected by its heart to the lively and renewed urban life in Jerusalem. The First Station's values stem from an approach of rich culture together with a space for dining entertainment, sports and leisure. The Station's management has for a vision an open, living, breathing space, vibrant with places of entertainment and live music, which turns the public space into a center of street culture, exhibitions, fairs and colorful markets. The First Station is a means to enrich the quality of life of city residents and its many visitors, like an engine pulling wagons of entrepreneurship and creation in the city, and is a source of pride for the capital of Israel, and an attraction for visitors and tourists from all over the country and the world. The First Station's management is the governing body of the station complex. Directed by Avi Murdoch, a Jerusalemite and well-known figure of the Jerusalem nightlife. One of the founders of the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem railway station compounds. The complex's renovation and transferring it to an experienced management team having the tools to turn it into a cultural center and a leading tourist destination in the city, have been initiated by the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Development Authority, as part of the unceasing development of Jerusalem and the returning of life to significant historical landmarks in the city.