About the Station

Restoration Works

The Station site is first and foremost a site of historical importance. The station buildings underwent conservation in strict adherence to include the components of the material, form and accompanying facilities, such as cars and tracks, in accordance with the conservation directives of the Ministry of Interior, and according to all the common conservation principles. The restoration accurately restores the glory of the buildings and the period.

The railway station building was designed on the basis of a prototype of train stations built by the Ottoman authorities during the same period. The station was built according to the typical plan of traditional building with stone in a combined style, both in terms of style / architecture and construction techniques. The conservation and restoration of the complex allows for the buildings to speak for themselves and tell, without words, by an experiential and exciting way, the story of the place, which makes the station not only a terminal but also a central spot from which to set out on excursions in Jerusalem, in the Old City, Yemin Moshe, the German Colony and other landmarks.