About the Station

First Station Stories

The opening ceremony of the station - September 1892 Many residents of Jerusalem came to witness this wonder arriving to town: the train. It was attended by public figures and many dignitaries. On the magnificent stage stood together the Turkish pasha, a group of invitees from Constantinople, ambassadors and others. The "Hamelitz" newspaper described the arrival of the train with the words "the whistle of the steam engine sounded and the iron cars stood on the terminal's square" and Eliezer Ben-Yehuda wrote in his paper Haor "with pride and glory has this engine passed through channels and rivers, mountains and hills [...] and with the sound of a mighty shofar came to the gates of the holy city, a city whose inhabitants flinch back before life's pulse, a city of coma lovers, who cherish darkness, close with death, there it comes among it, and a blast of joy upon its lips by the sound of the shofar!"

The train station attack - October 1946 1946 was filled with struggles between the British government in Israel and the underground fighters. On July 22 the King David Hotel in Jerusalem was bombed, which led to many deaths and heightened the tension in the city. On October 30 some of the Irgun members gathered in order to blow up the railway station in Jerusalem. The underground fighters came to the station disguised and carrying explosive suitcases. Because of prior intelligence information, they anticipated by policemen and detectives who chased and eventually caught them. One underground fighter, Meir Feinstein, was sentenced to death. Feinstein blew himself up in his prison cell, along with Lehi operative Moshe Barzani.