About the Station

Visitor Center

The visitor center at the station is your source of information on all events in the station and its vicinity. The center provides information regarding events, activities, workshops and ongoing information on events and activities in the station and in the vicinity. At the center you may reserve and set out on a Segway tour, electric bike tour, guided tours and other exciting activities, as well as purchase souvenirs and special items from the First Station.

Regular tours of the station

Segway Tour - Tour to Mishkenot Sha'ananim and the Old City including fascinating explanations about everything around. Sunday - Friday every two and a half hours.

SOVOO - electric bike tours for the whole family - a variety of routes in the city accompanied by a dedicated navigation application with explanation of the sites along the track. Weekdays, between 09:00 to 21:00.

BarBus - Jerusalem's nightlife - bars, restaurants, observations and lit up houses. Every Thursday at 21:00.

Saturday morning what a beautiful day – a fun tour for the whole family accompanied by an actor/actress. Every Saturday at 11:00

A tour among palaces – an instructive tour of the exclusive neighborhoods of Jerusalem. Every Friday at dusk.

For details, rates and reservations - 02-6480334visitor-center