Near the Station

Begin Heritage Center

The Begin Center has been serving for over a decade as a center for tourism, culture and education in Jerusalem. The center holds a modern museum, archive and library. In addition, the center runs a variety of educational programs for schools and security forces, events and conferences.

The center holds weekly cultural events, weekly Torah portion studies, conferences and courses on a variety of subjects.

Do not miss a visit to the Begin museum - witness an unusual audiovisual experience that takes on tour to Menachem Begin's childhood in Europe, a secret meeting of underground fighters at their hiding place and the stories of some of the most exciting incidents that accompanied the life of Menachem Begin and are intertwined with Israel's history. Visits to the museum are with guided tours and by appointment only.

Begin Heritage Center, 6 S.A. Nahon (adjacent to the Station) Phone: 02-5652011

For more details visit the Begin Center website.