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Cinema City Jerusalem

The First Station welcomes the opening of Cinema City in Jerusalem. As a major cultural center in the city, we welcome new cultural initiatives that enrich the culture options for residents of the city. The First Station aims to be a center of entertainment suitable for all ages, and for all the different groups that make up the city. For this purpose, the station incorporates kosher restaurants and non-kosher restaurants that are open on Saturday, allowing activities throughout the week and on weekends.


Cinema City Jerusalem does not operate on Saturdays currently, and under the High Court's decision the matter was returned to the city council at the moment.


The movie theatre

Cinema City Jerusalem is located in the National Precinct. Cinema City is an eight-story complex which extends over an area of 20,000 square meters. The complex has 19 cinemas, designed according to different genres. Including: a concert hall and theater with 600 seats, a concert hall with 450 seats and two VIP halls. The entire complex holds 3,000 seats.

It offers an entertainment experience that includes a variety of attractions such as the Bible City, the Jewish Film Museum, the interactive "Journey to Judaism" hall, Smurfs Village and car city. The complex's commercial space spreads over two floors, and includes more than 54 businesses including restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, convenience stores, clothing stores and more.

Cinema City Jerusalem has five floors of underground parking with 2,000 free parking spaces for customers. The complex is located in the National Precinct, near the government compound and the main routes leading to the city's entrance.