Near the Station

Jerusalem Cinematheque

The establishment of the Jerusalem Cinematheque was initiated by entrepreneur and philanthropist businessman George Ostrovsky, through which he wanted to realize his vision to establish an institution that would make a significant change in film culture in Jerusalem. Wim and Lia Van Leer joined in on the project and together with Mayor Teddy Kollek and the Jerusalem Foundation, they realized the establishment of a unique venue for movies, archive and a leading cultural institution. The Cinematheque holds many art courses and cinema workshops together with a multimedia center for Holocaust Research.

The Cinematheque soon became a magnet for Jerusalem Film fans and a cultural icon with a unique cinematic language. The Cinematheque is located on the Hebron road with a breathtaking view of the old city walls and Yemin Moshe. The Cinematheque holds many different events throughout the year including an International Film Festival.

Distance from the station

600 m - walking distance

Opening Hours

One hour before the first movie – until the beginning of the last movie, it is also open for special events..