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Tommy’s – Sophisticated Street Food

The street food trend is becoming a place of interest around the world, in every city where street restaurants specialize in unique dishes, street food is a small opportunity to taste world places and aromas. This scene was lacking in the strictly kosher interpretation, and here it is: Tommy’s restaurant arrived to the capital of Israel in 2014 and brought with it the news of the street food with a refreshing angle – and also kosher (mehadrin).


The Tommy’s family celebrates a brand new, beautiful and exciting branch at the renewed culinary center of Jerusalem – The First Station complex. There, chef Tomer Reuveni creates meticulous food in an appetizing meal. The dishes he developed combine raw ingredients such as juicy meat sandwiches, hamburger dishes, steaks and a variety of original dishes that bring delicious content in the concept of “street food”.


Behind Tommy’s success is a young and observant chef Tomer Reuveni, a graduate of the prestigious Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris. Reuveni’s culinary career included working with leading chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Thomas Keller. In addition, Reuveni was able to gain experience in the kitchen of Eucalyptus Restaurant with Chef Moshe Besson at the Jerusalem 1868 restaurant and more. Under the best influence and inspiration in the field, Tomer developed in Tommy’, a menu that is a rare and tasteful experience.

More at Tommy’s: Sloppy Joe (ground meat sandwich with tomato sauce and spices), kebabs stuck in a cinnamon stick. Chicken Poppers – Tempura Chicken Breast in Buffalo Sauce. Among the Children’s dishes you’ll find a selection of fresh salads and the crowning glory: 19 homemade sauces that give each dish a generous addition of unforgettable taste.

 Credit on the pics: Boaz Ben Ari


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