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Landwer Coffee

In 1919 Moses Landwer opened a small cafe in the center of Berlin. Later this café immigrated to Israel and became the country’s first roasting shop. Eight decades later Landwer – Café was opened, which currently has 20 branches throughout the country and continues a long tradition of coffee roasting and love. The place is decorated, lives and breathes the original spirit of the old coffee company, with a trendy new Israeli look. Alongside the advanced manufacturing of its renowned coffee, Landwer – Café realizes the abundance of social possibilities inherent in the café’s concept. Its food philosophy is based on values of freshness and quality, and the belief that good food requires investment and love. All dishes are served at Landwer’s are made of raw materials that are cut and prepared upon the customer’s order. Landwer’s food is Italian and Mediterranean, updated every season and inspired by the classic and most regarded places in the world. You can enjoy it at any time of the day and as you feel, from a morning sandwich, warm and satisfying meal or late night snack alongside a good beer. The menu is set in trustful hands of chef at Shahar Barnea, who specializes in Italian and Mediterranean food, and whose touch is felt in every dish. The Station’s branch is Landwer’s first branch in Jerusalem. The branch was designed unlike other branches, inspired by places in Manhattan, London and St. Petersburg, and contains elements never seen before in Israel, and the menu as in other branches includes a rich variety of breakfast dishes, Italian cuisine with pizzas freshly baked in a stone oven and meat dishes such as schnitzel and colonial stew.