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Re: bar offers a variety of drinks and snack substitutes, all healthy and nutritious. The menu offers drinks combining whipped low fat yogurt with fruit and food supplements, drinks based on fruit sorbet, fruit juice and yogurt dishes with healthy additions. Re: bar aims to improve the quality of life of its customers living in a stressful and busy urban environment. The chain was established with the understanding that the diet’s quality has a direct impact on the body and mind, and that consumer awareness for this grows. Re:bar was established 6 years ago and has so far 30 branches in key locations around the country.

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    א׳-ה׳: 08:00-23:00, ו׳: 08:00 - שעה מכניסת השבת, מוצ״ש: שעה מצאת השבת - 23:00
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