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Teva Castel was founded in 1999 and started its activity in the field of vitamins and dietary supplements. At that time, in the previous millennium, the organic market was still in its infancy. Years later, the organic market is growing, and we’re growing with it, trying always to stay several steps ahead, looking for creative ways to bring you the healthy and tasty products from the most leading companies in Israel and abroad. Out of a constant aspiration to innovate and provide personal and courteous services to our customers. “A nature reserve in the heart of the city” – Our stores are located in city centers, but upon entering one you’ll feel the special atmosphere, which takes you out for a moment from the noise and bustle of the city – to the peace and health of a nature reserve. Currently Teva Castel offers a variety of over 10,000 natural, organic and ecological products. These products include all different types of food: vegetables, fruit, bread, beans, honey, tahini, oil, dried fruit, herbal teas, cereal, crackers, dairy products, groceries, meat, confectionery, eggs, cereals, Eco-friendly cleaning products, natural cosmetics, vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutritional supplements and more. We, at Teva Castel, specialize in the import, development and marketing of vitamins, nutritional supplements and natural and organic products for the health-seeking consumer. Our goal is providing a healthy alternative to conventional food products containing preservatives, colorings, pesticides and more. We also specialize in the field of food supplements for athletes. All organic products sold at Teva Castel are produced under the strict supervision of Agrior, which is Israel’s largest inspection and certification of organic produce company. Agrior is the only authority certified by the global association of organic organizations – IFOAM. You will find the logos of certification and supervision in all stores as well as on the products themselves.

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