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Vaniglia Ice Cream

In the spring of 2001 the Rogazinski brothers established Vaniglia in the Basel compound in Tel Aviv. The ice cream parlors’ started out as a small shop where the brothers produced homemade ice cream, and over the years has become an institution and a pilgrimage site for many local ice cream lovers. Vaniglia currently has 14 branches located throughout the center of Israel, in the branches you may find a variety of 66 ice cream flavors including about 23 kinds of sorbet which change according to the season and in addition ice cream with no added sugar. Vaniglia, who espoused a strict product quality, raw materials and quality of service, works hard in creating a quality and unique product. The ice cream is made of fine milk and cream, fresh pods of vanilla from Madagascar and Tahiti, fine Verona cocoa, hazelnuts of Piedmont and pistachios from Sicily, Fresh and ripe fruits from Israel and pastry products baked on the spot and incorporated in the ice cream with spices, herbs and flowers.

Quality ingredients masterfully culled from around the world and combined with the knowledge and practices of traditional and modern Italian and French cuisine – all these form an aromatic creamy textured ice cream.יפתי.

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