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Exhibitions at The Station

New exhibition - Namaste at the first station:

"My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the people" (Isaiah, n). In our project we chose to present the vision of Jerusalem as a religious cultural center for all peoples of the world. This is done by means of graffiti and painting by six figures from different cultures who, with a blessing of peace, "Namaste", greet the visitors of the station. The project seeks to create a connection and closeness between people, and in its composition to warmly envelop those present.

The decoration committee - Urban Deco - The decoration committee is an association whose goal is to foster the public space in Israel through various artistic means such as painting, sculpture, mosaic, graffiti and more. The association is a collective of artists and practitioners from various fields such as urban planners, educators, social activists and art lovers. In every project, the organization has set a goal of creating cooperation with the residents.

December Exhibition at Culture Terminal - "Music Sheets"

Artist: Haim Mizrahi
Genre: Painting
Curators: Anna Schraier

About the artist:
The Israeli artist and musician, Haim Mizrahi, has been working in New York in recent years. He comes every year to visit Israel and brings his fellow musicians together for an evening of jazz and art.
The exhibition will present his paintings in an active abstract style.

From the artist's words:
"My artistic-creative path derives from a cross-application between three worlds: poetry and prose, music, and painting.
My technique works overtime in discovering the topics that describe my constant search for breakthroughs and removal of obstacles.
The essence of the sound, the importance of the stretched line within color, and the weight of the word. These are just a few of the descriptions of quiet and deep cooperation between the leading rhythms of my journey as an artist.
It is important for me to stretch the lines within the color in the light of a rhythm.
It is important for me to declare my loyalty to the process that feeds the quiet steps of time. It is important for me to measure the multiplicity of questions through the journey that extends beyond the moment that requires me. It is important for me to connect through the fertility of the article.
The flexibility of the artistic axes is the flexibility of the world in general, and the role of the result is to hasten the maturation of life in light of the demands that distance us from daily baptism, the baptism of blessing and prayer."