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Exhibitions at The Station

'Teachers Lounge' - In Memory of Shira Banki

At the ‘Teachers’ Lounge’ in memory of Shira Banki, we got to know the other, share life stories, see Jerusalem from personal and family perspectives, and ask ourselves how we educate the next generation.
“I felt that at this moment the whole world is between my hands,” wrote one teacher following the training.
The 70 teachers who took part in the program came from 36 schools from east and west Jerusalem.
They all wish to promote tolerance and raise a generation proud of its heritage; a generation interested in meeting and building a future of hope for our city.
In this exhibition you will get a taste of our common experiences. The texts were written by the teachers.

About Shira:
Shira was a wonderful young person. Not yet 16, she had the maturity, ability and desire to see the humanity within every person. She did not stereotype, hate or fear people because of their color, religion or sexual orientation.
Shira’s murder was another pinnacle of intolerance and extremism, clothed in religious garb in order to realize hateful and murderous motivations.
Getting to know one’s fellow human being without erasing one’s own identity is the foundation of life together in a city and a country torn between cultures, religions and nations. Shira’s march for tolerance is a model for others, and her murder is a warning light. Shira’s parents established “Shira Banki’s Way,” (a non-profit corporation) that works to advance the values of moderation and toleration; they are partners in ‘Teachers’ Lounge’ Project, which is dedicated to her memory and makes it possible to get to
know the ‘Other’, and to reduce fear, hate and alienation in our city.

The Exhibition will be presented at The First Station's Terminal Tarbut Throughout August 2018. Entrance is free.

Jerusalem Now & Forever

The international photo exhibit, Jerusalem Now & Forever, is coming to Jerusalem's First Station!

Im Tirtzu together with the Jerusalem Municipality cordially invites to the opening of the exhibit, which features 50 photos of the renowned photographer, Sharon Gabay.

Come enjoy the amazing photos that show the true face of Israel's eternal capital.

All are welcome! Entrance is free.

The exhibition will be presented at the station until 30.9.18.

Namaste at The First Station:

"My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the people" (Isaiah, n). In our project we chose to present the vision of Jerusalem as a religious cultural center for all peoples of the world. This is done by means of graffiti and painting by six figures from different cultures who, with a blessing of peace, "Namaste", greet the visitors of the station. The project seeks to create a connection and closeness between people, and in its composition to warmly envelop those present.

The decoration committee - Urban Deco - The decoration committee is an association whose goal is to foster the public space in Israel through various artistic means such as painting, sculpture, mosaic, graffiti and more. The association is a collective of artists and practitioners from various fields such as urban planners, educators, social activists and art lovers. In every project, the organization has set a goal of creating cooperation with the residents.