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Time Travel Exhibition – The First Station 1892-Today

"There is no future without past" - We at The First Station believe in preserving history.

The First Station you know today was used from 1892 until 1998 as Jerusalem's central rail station, serving thousands of people daily. It was the main connection between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv most parts of the past century.

Nowadays, it's no longer a real train station, but some history had to be saved. That's why we establish the "Time Travel - The First Station 1892-Today" Exhibition, suitable for both young and older ones. Sitting inside an authentic train wagon, you'll watch a 10-minute video telling the history of the train station and its development throughout the years until it became the shopping and culinary center it is today. You'll also be able to see some historic photographs of the station.

Hours of operation:

Sun, Tue, Wed, 13:30-16:00
Thursday 11:00-16:00
Saturday 11:00-17:00

Entry is free!