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Terminal Tarbut

Terminal Tarbut is a bar and coffee shop at the First Station in Jerusalem. It offers a varied alcohol menu next to kosher food menu.
In the evenings there are performances, lectures, stand-up shows, exhibitions and more help up in the place.

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Sun-Thu 09:00-23:00, Fri 09:00-16:00 and Sat 20:30-00:00


April-May Events:

The New Israeli Music: Building Spiritual Bridges

The New Israeli Music: Building Spiritual Bridges with Yaqub ibn Yusuf (in English)

In recent decades Israel has been producing a new kind of music which crosses the boundaries between East and West, Sephardic and Ashkenazic, and which also bridges the divide between secular and religious Israelis. Beginning with artists like Shlomo Bar and Yair Dalal, and continuing with Diwan HaLev, Meir Banai, Yontan Razel and others, we’ll listen to, discuss, and get a feeling for this new Israeli music. How did it develop? what are the words saying? and what does all this mean for the soul of Israel?

At: Olam Qatan, Terminal Tarbut (at The First Station)

When: Tuesdays, from 12 – 2 pm, for 6 weeks, April 10 – May 15

Cost: 40 shekels a session, or 3 sessions for 90 shekels.

Coffee, drinks and food will be available to participants at the Gula Bar, at a 20% discount.

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Good to die for our lives // show, dialogue, dream, invitation

Sunday 8.4, 20:00.

Ya'akov Adami and Omer Gonen-Elah
We invite you to a journey of observation and experience, a show that invites us to join together beyond all differences in order to create a new world.
Ya'akov Adami is a guide, an artist of spoken word and a serial questions asker.
Omer Gonen-Elah is a musician, teacher, therapist and an avid researcher of sounds.

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‎‎Iyar Semel hosts


Poetry and Guitar Niva Lev
Shiri Shahar - Singing and Guitar
Anna Shraier - Poetry
Michael Negev - Percussion

Monday 9.4, 20:00, entry by a donation - 20 to 50 NIS.

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Rosh Chodesh Iyyar Women only party - DJ LIMLIM

Sunday, 15.4, 20:30.


The Dances of Universal Peace - with Aliela (in English & Hebrew)

Sunday, 22.4, 20:00, 30NIS at doors.

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Eliad Landau Launch concert

Monday, 7.5, 20:30 – Details to come.

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