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The Organic Station

An organic station in an urban environment!

As part of our desire to make the station greener, we have recently added Hydroponics system to grow plants and vegetables, produced by the "Living Green" company. The idea of ​​hydroponics is to grow vegetables on water only basis in a closed system. The method is so economical and environmental that it saves up to 80 percent of the water and fertilizer consumption compared with the regular growth of vegetables. It gives the possibility of growing to height, without harmful plants and beyond that allows the station's visitors to enjoy a green and fresh look.

Moreover, the vegetables grown in the system are used in Hummus Abu Shukri and allow the restaurant's customers to enjoy fresh vegetables of great taste and without any chemical spraying.

The project is part of the station's support for green and sustainable projects and as a station supporting the environmental approach, the system was integrated to support urban agriculture.
Urban agriculture is a global movement to introduce food production into the urban environment and thus create green islands within cities, allowing the vegetables grow closer to us and reduce pollution.

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