Chanting circle at Jerusalem’s First Station with dozens of artists and hundreds of participants synchronized with dozens of circles around the world !

On 18/7/17 we join the network of city centers chanting circles all over the world.

The idea is to join together at city centers, at a place that is open for the public, and sing songs that everyone can join and sing along.
You don’t need to know a song or the lyrics. You just need to join a few hundred people to sing together as one.

– 18:30 – Gathering
– 19:00 – Opening song and tuning in
– 19:15 – We’ll start to ‘hold a beat’ with drums, overtones,
Tibetan bowls etc. so we all unite and tune together to the circle
– 19:30 – Opening Om – Synchronized Om with other circles around the world

19:35 – =-=-= main event -=-=-
We will all join together for the Singing Circle of songs from the worlds of the Rainbow, Floreceta, Bajans, Kirtan, Hebrew and Quawalli

– 23:00 – End om –